iQRA is a proprietary cloud-based quantitative reliability analysis tool that provides operators with an independent and impartial assessment of each individual well component’s reliability performance.

Subscribers can benchmark reliability figures against iQRA’s global dataset, and extract critical reliability and mean-time-to failure (MTTF) data for quantitative risk assessments and critical decision-making.

Based on the ISO-14224 standard, iQRA can save operators significant time in identifying actual or potential well integrity issues.

Users are able to run their own queries to generate an instant response and enter a multitude of actual or ‘what if’ well integrity scenarios based on specific well statuses, features, components and issues.


Within a few mouse clicks to select filter options, users can:

  • Identify the best performing components with the highest reliability
  • Access mean time to failure data for individual components
  • Benchmark the performance of individual components in your own dataset against industry average reliability figures

This information is used to support a range of cost reduction decisions:

  • Reduce well entries
  • Establish optimum preventative maintenance intervals
  • Reduce corrective maintenance by installing higher reliability equipment
  • Justify plug and abandonment (P&A) decisions
  • Quantify the relative underperformance of problem wells or oilfield components
  • Retain wells on a production/injection based on quantitative evaluation of well risk status

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